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History of BIKAIN

year 1921year 1921

The founding

The company moved to Oñate (Zubillaga district) and Altuna Hermanos SA was founded, resulting in the creation of BIKAIN.Since then, Altuna continues manufacturing every one of its tools in the same locality. The factory is completely self-sufficient thanks to the electricity produced by a hydraulic generator that harnesses the power of the water from the Oñati river, which flows down from the Aizkorri natural park.

year 1942year 1942

Auste Estana

The commercial brand “Auste Estana” was created, which in Basque (regional language) means unbreakable. This name clearly shows that the quality of the product is a symbol of Altuna’s identity, which in the future were transmitted toBIKAIN.

year 1960year 1960


Altuna begins its export activity in Latin America, receiving an award for its quality and for being pioneers in this activity. This spirit of improvement and growth will drive the creation of BIKAIN in the future.

year 1970year 1970

Altuna brand

All the scissors are manufactured under the ALTUNA brand, from which BIIKAIN will emerge in the future.

year 1978year 1978

BIKAIN is born

Birth of BIKAIN: ALTUNA creates the BIKAIN brand with the aim of designing, manufacturing and marketing tools and accessories for gardening.

Bikain Solutions

year 1983year 1983


Heavy floods devastate the whole region, rendering practically the entire BIKAIN and ALTUNA factory unusable. They managed to survive thanks to the help of their workers and took advantage of the situation to modernise all the machinery and installations.

year 1999year 1999

Dicoal is born

ALTUNA creates DICOAL, a new division oriented towards the hardware, DIY and agricultural sectors, forming, together with BIKAIN, what today is the Altuna Group.

year 2008year 2008

New warehouse

The Altuna Group, which includes BIKAIN, inaugurates its new warehouse / logistics platform, incorporating the latest technology in radiofrequency and voice picking.

year 2015year 2015

ISO 9001

The company ALTUNA-BIKAIN is certified in the ISO 9001 / 2015 standard.

BIKAIN, ISO 9001:2015

year 2021year 2021

Centenary year

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of Altuna, the parent company of what in the future was to become BIKAIN and the Altuna Group.

year 2021year 2021

BIKAIN Catalogue

BIKAIN publishes its complete product catalogue, in different languages, ready to cover any international market.

year 2022year 2022

BIKAIN internationalisation

BIKAIN consolidates its internationalisation process and increases its presence in different European and Latin American countries.